Jen Greyson

CEO, Powered by Neureal℠

Jen Greyson of the Neureal Network and CEO of Powered by Neureal brings decades of executive leadership to the blockchain/crypto space. Her adamant stances on empowering women, lifting global issues, and educating over regulating, set her team at Neureal apart in the frenzy that is the current crypto space. With a project tackling artificial intelligence, big data, and cryptocurrency, she’ll be one to watch as she bridges some of the biggest nascent technologies.

Her team has been invited by the Government of Antigua to work on the $200MM rehabilitation project for the island of Barbuda, the island devastated by Hurricane Irma. They are currently working with the government both home and abroad to bring about sweeping legislation in the area of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Jen has been published in magazines and is a published author. She has been invited to speak at international and local conferences on a variety of subjects.