Austin Holloway

DBM - NuView Trust

Austin Holloway is the director of business development for NuView Trust, an alternative asset custodian for qualified investment funds. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida with a degree in Finance.

While in college he was first introduced to Bitcoin; a fellow classmate paid him 0.25 BTC (worth about $20 at the time) for proofing a research paper. This began his curiosity with blockchain technology and how it would revolutionize the financial sector of our world. For several years Austin has been on a speaking circuit educating the masses on tapping into a $7.5T tax-sheltered market, qualified retirement money.

When Austin is not on the road speaking at conferences he can be found in Central Florida where he focuses efforts on assisting investors to diversifying their retirement accounts into alternative assets. He currently helps his clients manage approximately $150M across the US. Austin also plays a key role for startup firms and ICOs looking to tap into new investment dollars. While he is not a broker for any offerings, he does educate the capital raisers on how they can tap into retirement dollars to reach their goals. In his line of work he has assisted investors and firms ranging from newbies to well-seasoned professionals.

In his personal life he can typically be found spending any free time with his better half, Mimi, and their two fur-babies, Foxy and Kira. He enjoys spending time around on the water, sampling new cuisine, and traveling to new destinations.