Chris “Chip” Cole

Professional Trader

Chris holds over a decade of experience in trading the financial markets. He is a leader in the retail trading industry having been published twice in Futures and Truth magazine and once in FUTURES magazine. Chris has taught and mentored over 50 students who are now full-time traders. He helps mentor and re-shape the value of entrepreneurship, by way of retail trading, among many through speaking engagements to include: Atlanta Public Schools, Flourish Media Conference, the Raw Onion, and the Money Show Convention in Las Vegas. Chris’ focused mind and authenticity of his energy and personality continues to allow him to motivate others and launch successful projects in the industry.

Chris recently launched Seven Cities Crypto Mining Partnership that allows individuals to invest in the growing industry of Crypto mining farms. His expertise brings traditional trading and investing to the growing space of crypto tech and finance. As the CEO of Rush Cole Capital, Chris has established a key utility for the everyday investor to streamline access to the crypto currency trading markets and mining industry.

Chris most recently has been pointed advisor for a public traded company’s crypto currency subsidiary that is also a NASA transfer partner. Chris is leading the innovative side of speculation as it pertains to blockchain technology.