Irwin G. Stein, Esq.

Securities & Real Estate Attorney

In the 40 years that Irwin has been a lawyer, he has been very fortunate to have worked closely with many other people who were very good at what they did and who were willing to share some of what they knew with him.

Irwin learned about the stock brokerage industry working as an attorney at Paine Webber and EF Hutton. He learned margin from the head of the margin department; trading from the traders on the trading desks and exchange floors; investment banking from the investment bankers.

Securities law can be nuanced and complex. A lawyer who is writing a prospectus does not have the same “vision” of the document as an attorney who is litigating about it. Irwin has written offering documents for more than 150 syndicated financings. He has also litigated hundreds more.

Irwin was the General Counsel of a national real estate firm with $1.5 billion worth of properties under management before he was 40. When he returned to private practice, in the early 1990s, he split his time between teaching (at Golden Gate University in San Francisco) and working as an advocate, consultant and expert witness in securities arbitration and more complex financial litigation.

Throughout, Irwin has counseled start-ups and entrepreneurs across many industries. During the days, he was the adviser to several start-ups and served on the Board of Directors of one company until it was ready to hire full-time management. He finds helping companies to raise capital and grow to be very satisfying.