John “h” Hundrieser

Co-Founder of humanpredictions

John Hundrieser, known as “h”, is a Co-Founder of humanpredictions, a product that predicts when people in the software industry are looking for their next opportunity. After 20+ years in the software industry helping people and growing companies like DRW Trading, ThoughtWorks, and Groupon build their engineering teams, he teamed up with his Co-Founder, Elliott Garms to build a product to change tech recruiting.

After initially starting out on the technical side of the industry, h saw a gap in the hiring process and later pivoted into people operations. He recognized the need for understanding how to hire beyond technical skills and shifted into lead roles coaching teams on best practices for tech recruiting.

H has designed onboarding programs that includes in-person training, shadowing and virtual training resources to provide support as new hires gain autonomy and grow in their roles. This process has decreased productivity ramp-time which is crucial for fast-paced team growth.