Jomari Peterson

Founder of Digital Reserve

As a strategy focused business creator,  academic and public speaker, Jomari Peterson brings vision, a strong understanding of the market landscape and an interdisciplinary technical background.  He is currently the founder of the Digital Reserve, which is developing a responsive monetary protocol that facilitates sustainable and scalable microlending for the financially disadvantaged using Proof of Stake. Jomari formerly provided strategic direction and management, as one of the founding members of the Quantum Resistant Ledger.   Jomari has a strong history in the development of systems and process improvement evidenced by his management of budgets over $18 million dollars and 80+ employees.

Jomari Peterson is an extreme extrovert with a love for reading in crowded and noisy places. He is a husband and the father of two. He is also a former traceur (practicer of Parkour), public oration winner,  stage hypnotist and spelunker. He actively enjoys paintball, design, debating and serving others. Jomari is a believer in people’s capacity to create a better world.  As the co-founder of Engineers Without Border – Howard University, he facilitated consultation, engineering services and development in Kenya, Brazil and Panama.

Jomari received his  MBA in Strategy & Logistics from Howard University. His focus was on organizational and strategic management. He is also completing a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University in Engineering & Public Policy. Within this program he focused on risk perception, assessment and communication. This leveraged quantitative and qualitative analysis of engineered technologies for solution building and consensus in a public policy context. During his time in Pittsburgh, Jomari Peterson helped develop multiple social enterprises for The Oasis Project with a focus on multi faceted community benefits and financial profit.