Kyle Wang

Senior Consultant - IBM Global Business Services

Kyle Wang is a consultant at IBM Global Business Services with a background in financial services. After significant investments in traditional markets, Kyle became addicted to the world of cryptocurrency and its outsized returns, cutting-edge tech, and colorful personalities.

Inspired by the great minds in the space, Kyle began to relentlessly read and write about the technology while seeking out enthusiastic members of the community. As the notoriety of his ramblings grew, his IBM manager eventually discovered his secret and began putting him on blockchain-related projects, focusing on the testing of Hyperledger Fabric.

Today, Kyle continues to connect and grow the blockchain community through his business development work at the advisory firm Chain Agnostics and by speaking at local blockchain meetups. He also supports startups working with VR/AR, facial recognition tech, and payment systems. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, trading, and trying to recapture his dancer’s body from the days when he was a collegiate ballroom star at Penn State.