Lerrod Smalls

Entrepreneur, Author, and Crypto Miner

Lerrod Smalls is an accomplished New York City entrepreneur, Author, and business development trainer. As a former I.T. consultant of a fortune 100 Bank on Wall St, he left corporate America in 2003, and now has more than 15 years of small business experience. As founder and CEO of the successful online supermarket UpNorthServices.com, the SANDBOX Pack and Ship Brand, author of Present Like A Pro for Networkers, and recently Built and operating a successful 6 Figure Bitcoin 7 Ethereum mining operation. Very passionate about Crypto Currency, Mr Smalls teaches concepts and benefits to minority young adults in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

Prominent in his community, You can hear Lerrod every Saturday on NYC radio 103.9. as the “The Information Guy” personality of the DME Saturday Radio show. From the position of employer, activist, husband and father of three, he has gained recognition on national media as a successful entrepreneur and success coach. Lerrod has not only been recognized for his financial philanthropic giving, but also with his time as a Brooklyn Cub Scouts leader, NYC Summer Youth Program employer, Federal Bureau of Correction Half-way House program employer and @Risk teen counselor. It is evident in his social works that Lerrod Smalls lives by the philosophy of ‘service to many leads to greatness’; while yet he remains focused on highly profitable business endeavors which are both socially conscious and provide regenerative value to the world.