Phillip Nunn

CEO The Blackmore Group

In 2012 Phillip founded The Blackmore Group with several of his long term business Partners and Directors. They decided that the traditional wealth and investment management industry was in a phase of disruption and they wanted to approach the investment methodology differently. They do this in two ways, firstly by blending traditional asset management philosophies with innovation and secondly by predominantly investing in asset backed investments which they believe is a great strategy for medium and longer term capital growth.

During 2015 Phillip was introduced to something called “Fintech” – Which when he first heard the word, assumed it was something to do with surf boards and not finance. Fast forward to today and it’s become more of an obsession than a career choice. Phillip genuinely believes that Fintech, and now potentially more so, Blockchain, are the catalyst for the 4th Industrial revolution which will empower the next generation to have wealth, more choice, and most importantly to protect it.

Phillip is  a regular speaker on the FinTech circuit and his USP is not what FinTech and Blockchain are but what it actually means to the man on the street.

“It’s time now for a new era of financial services. People no longer accept and trust the traditional channels and it’s created a huge disconnect. Currently only the wealthy have access to proper and comprehensive financial advice and empowerment and I’m working tirelessly to change that.”

His goal is to empower an entire generation of Millennials, and to innovate in ways that younger generations understand, in turn, helping them make much more effective lifestyle and financial decisions to ultimately prosper in later life.