Rochelle Sam

Crypto Nerd, Investor and Educator

Rochelle Sam is a certified hospice nurse, self proclaimed food chemist, and nutritionist. For the last ten years, Rochelle has prided herself for gracefully bringing peace to the terminally ill and their families, during crises.

Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus, Rochelle knew she would have to retire before her colleagues, but she never anticipated it would be in her early 30’s. While stopped at a red light, an unlicensed semi truck driver plowed into Rochelle and her two children. She sustained a minor spinal injury and lost her left clavicle.

Following an icu hospital stay, Rochelle went back to work and was immediately “let go” despite the years of loyalty and hard work. Heartbroken, panicked and angry, she refused to be titled “disabled”. Determined to be a successful entrepreneur, she started taking classes at mit.edx and Udemy. She studied WhitePapers and asked for advice from experts. This paid off immensely. Feeling confident in May 2017, she pulled out her retirement fund and invested in a few crypto-currencies. She went “all in,“ having nothing else to lose.

Rochelle enjoys being the “underdog“ and takes the word “no“, as a personal challenge. From losing 200 pounds to pushing herself into remission, Rochelle is always ready to excel in all she does.

Rochelle currently lives in Wichita, Kansas. Here, she started a crypto “Meetup“ and volunteers her time teaching basic financial principles and blockchain to those interested in learning. She is active in the crypto-community and has been an independent contractor on multiple upcoming blockchain projects.