Sandra Becker

Founder of Ethereum Madrid. Researcher on cryptoeconomics

Sandra is Founder of Ethereum Madrid. Representative of the Ethereum Node at the think tank Blockchain España, Blockchain teacher for the Master of Collaborative Economy at the University Sergio Arboleada. Speaker and organizer of crypto events and meet-ups across Europe. Researcher on cryptoeconomics.

Sandra is an economist with more than 10 years of experience in designing statistical models in the environment of market research, societies and cultures at various institutes in Germany, UK and Spain. Since 2015 Sandra focuses on the concepts of decentralisation based on Blockchain and in particular Ethereum. Therefore she founded Ethereum Madrid in the beginning of 2016 to better understand the possibilities of decentralized technology as well as projecting knowledge about this new movement by organizing and speaking at events and meet-up across Europe. In 2017 Sandra started teaching the concepts behind Bitcoin and Ethereum for various education programs as for example the Master of Collaborative Economy of the University Sergio Arboleada. At the moment Sandra focuses her research, teaching and community work mainly a new discipline called cryptoeconomics.