Sim Hurse

Entrepreneur & Mentor

Simonne Hurse is a people person in tech. She brings together ‘the people’ with ‘the patrons’ of crypto by connecting the builders with the regulators and institutions looking to understand it. She firmly believes that an open dialogue makes the movement bigger and the technology and opportunities better – for everyone.

Sim currently serves as Crypto Ambassador for several prominent fintech companies. She is also authoring a Crypto Guide, to be published early 2018, with the goal of opening understanding up to people beyond the tech community, and is helping put together a conference with the 80 financial institutions handling most of the deal flow in the crypto space and the big four accounting firms administrating it. Sim is aligned with the two major Crypto Working Groups in NYC, and is a regular speaker at fintech and women in tech events.

Sim’s background is in technology and entrepreneurship. She is a mentor at Techstars, and was the first employee at Meural, a successful hardware start up. Prior to Meural, she worked with Theresa and Tom Preston-Werner (co-founder of Github) in building a non-profit for the start up community.

Before moving to NYC in 2013, Sim lived in Paris, where she built a department at a private university specialising in 3D animation and video game design, and helped launch an online teaching system for financial professionals learning financial English. Also in Paris, Sim worked with two rocket scientists at a space start up – she had a blast.

Sim is devoted to bringing more women into the crypto and blockchain space, and is putting together a women in blockchain fund to support specifically women builders. She is an active member of a number of women in blockchain groups in NYC and Toronto, and runs her own women in tech group in NYC, with 1900 members.