Thomas McLaughlin

CEO Blockstake

Professionally I am dedicated to the development of the blockchain & crypto-asset investment ecosystem.

My fascination with cryptocurrency began in 2015. Coming from the world of Wall St. Investment Banking, I was initially appalled at the absolute madness of de-centralized money. Being a student of the history of commerce and capital markets, a slow but gradual shift occurred with regards to my perception of money. It wasn’t long after when I purchased my first Bitcoin…and I’ve been digging down the rabbit hole ever since.

I’ve been an avid investor in crypto-assets since. Personally, I manage a crypto portfolio and have outperformed nearly all benchmarks in the crypto-industry since. I have immersed myself into the phenomenal ecosystem of individuals who are active in all aspects of the industry, including: entrepreneurs, developers, HNW & Investment Firms, mining operators, traders, regulators, law firms and media members.

Cryptocurrency & blockchain technology has the capability to revolutionize our economic interactions. Decentralized “open-source” currencies allow individuals to control their economic assets without the fear or uncertainty of a government, bank, federal reserve or (insert other trusted third party here).

The blockchain revolution is here and the technology will be embedded in the industries of the future. I feel truly invigorated to be alive while all of this is taking place. I hope to play a small part in building what history may look back at as a profound shift in the way the world operates.

:: Background ::
At the age of 20 began my career on Wall Street as a leveraged finance investment banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Worked alongside some of the brightest minds in the financial industry, advising corporations on capital raising, debt restructuring, leveraged buyouts, mergers & acquisitions.

Born and raised in the NY area. Baseball cards were my first hustle. Graduated from Lehigh with a degree in Finance & Accounting.